NIKOLA Ukić They Breathe Out As They Rise

They breathe out as they rise 2007-2008, is a group of floor works in block shapes for which a solid negative was used, though only in the phase of the process of emergence. After the polyurethane had taken on the shape of the negative, this was removed and the sculpture changed, collapsed and shrank, carrying only the memory of the original shape in itself. It is as if the sculptures had first breathed in and then out, as if they communicate with the surrounding space, by absorbing some of it into themselves and handing it back again. Their surface resembles human skin. The coloring assigns them different temperaments that connect to a spatial calmness by their lying position. In the perception of these works it is not possible to decide what is accountable to the shape, or perhaps to the material. Both components are ambivalent towards each other, they overlap and are not detachable from each other. From this, further ambivalences result which come up in contrasting ways of appearance. Since the material seems to be connected to the uncertain and the limitlessness on the physical level, it evokes elastic dream pictures from within itself.

They Breathe Out As They Rise 2007-2008 - Installation view, Gallery Juraj Sporer, Opatija shrinking polyurethane, pigment 430x490 cm

They Breathe Out As They Rise 2007-2008
shrinking polyurethane, pigment 430x490 cm - detail